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Impact Brand

BACKGROUND: Cirrus communications was established at the time of the ‘Broadband Connect ‘ scheme being introduced under the Howard Government. Its objective, to offer regional Australia an alternative to expensive satellite broadband offerings or slow dial up internet connectivity. With limited media budget, Cirrus struggled with retail centric communications that failed to deliver the key messages in a fragmented media space.

cirrus-brand-ad-treeINSIGHT: With no real alternative to Telstra/Austar, once consumers became aware of the Cirrus offering they flocked to the service. What was required was a rural relevant messages, coupled with high impact visuals to seize the readers’ attention, calling them to find out more. Encorporating the keypiece of equipment (at home reciever) and then attached it to a Tree and Farmers head, made for arresting imagery, with real stopping power. The third ad, ‘End of the line’, tapped into a home truth, that rural communities felt abandoned.

OUTCOME: The campaign ran successfully. Generating strong awareness and enquiries where it ran. So effective was the campaign, that Telstra would monitor launch activity via the press and initiate phone exchange upgrades and local advertising as a tactical solution to limit market share loss.

Three Brand ads where produced – Tree, Farmer & End of the line


Previous generic advertising


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LAM & Data Modelling

BACKGROUND: While at DraftFCB, this leading Australian Automotive company came to us in order to support a well known annual sale down turn period. Needing to support Dealer within their sales districts, we where asked to develop a programme to drive sales over this period. The channel chosen, Door Dropping, enabling localisation, coupled with an incentive offer.

INSIGHT: Taking Honda’s customer data base, we profiled them against PMP’s Mosaic group classification. This highlighted those CCD’s (200-220 household blocks) most likely to be similar to a Honda customer (‘Lookalikes’). Key target groups where A, B and E. Below is a post analysis of how each segment performed.

OUTCOME: The campaign preformed extremely well, with incremental sales in all key target groups vs the control group. In addition it was identified that ‘Group J’ should be upweighted in the following year’s campaign, as this showed a very index performance. The offer was seen as not strong enough, as a significant volume of sales occurred post the offer expiration date.

Return on investment 10.6 : 1

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