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Talking ”with” the customer

andrew_img_51301By Andrew Pink

I have an unwavering belief that each person should be treated as an individual. By communicating at a one-to-one level marketeers can truly unlock the power of their businesses full potential. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use mass mediums, but importantly the message should be to the individual (perceived or real), designed and integrate through every channel. Take hold of consumers hand at the outset, from awareness through to sale and beyond, and never letting go.

By using the power of data & information sources available, can you gain clear insights into consumers needs, desires and wants. Only then can you be in a position to introduce yourself, engage them and become a trusted friend who they’re prepared to buy from.


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Don’t sell to a stranger

BACKGROUND. David Ogilvy coined this phase in Confessions of an Advertising Man, and like all simple statements is a constant truth. While working for Ogilvy Poland, Unilever came to us with a failing margarine brand called Bona. Previously number one in category, it had slipped to number three and was still going south. Although the brand had solid foundations, it lacked modernity and relevance, seen as something of yester year.

INSIGHT. Rather than look at what women (key audience) wanted from their yellow fat spread i.e. more calcium, more easily spread etc, we looked at the wider issues facing modern Polish women?

Interestingly, and as their western equivalents could have told them, the freedoms of a modern free society has its price. Young women felt disenfranchised, lacking information and support structures on how to be a good mother, wife and home manager. Living in cities away from their mothers and female family members they’d lost their ‘touch stones’ to guide them. They need brands that could fulfil those roles.

The campaign strategy was clear, re-establish the brand as relevant to the modern women, showing it understands the issues they face and support them, this all underlined with solid family values. Essential to this strategy was to tangibly support women, rather than just go out with a strong brand campaign. We extended the idea therefore to a part work on pack coupon redemption – three part book that gave hints and tips on everything from 1st aid to flower arranging, home finances to cooking.

Launch Ad

THE RESULT. Bona went to number one in the 2nd month of the campaign. The Part work book redemption was over subscribed by 150%, which got the brand manager in a little trouble for poor forecasting, but in a good way.

Part work ads

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