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BACKGROUND: While at DraftFCB, this leading Australian Automotive company came to us in order to support a well known annual sale down turn period. Needing to support Dealer within their sales districts, we where asked to develop a programme to drive sales over this period. The channel chosen, Door Dropping, enabling localisation, coupled with an incentive offer.

INSIGHT: Taking Honda’s customer data base, we profiled them against PMP’s Mosaic group classification. This highlighted those CCD’s (200-220 household blocks) most likely to be similar to a Honda customer (‘Lookalikes’). Key target groups where A, B and E. Below is a post analysis of how each segment performed.

OUTCOME: The campaign preformed extremely well, with incremental sales in all key target groups vs the control group. In addition it was identified that ‘Group J’ should be upweighted in the following year’s campaign, as this showed a very index performance. The offer was seen as not strong enough, as a significant volume of sales occurred post the offer expiration date.

Return on investment 10.6 : 1


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Talking ”with” the customer

andrew_img_51301By Andrew Pink

I have an unwavering belief that each person should be treated as an individual. By communicating at a one-to-one level marketeers can truly unlock the power of their businesses full potential. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use mass mediums, but importantly the message should be to the individual (perceived or real), designed and integrate through every channel. Take hold of consumers hand at the outset, from awareness through to sale and beyond, and never letting go.

By using the power of data & information sources available, can you gain clear insights into consumers needs, desires and wants. Only then can you be in a position to introduce yourself, engage them and become a trusted friend who they’re prepared to buy from.

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Branding on a shoe string

Cirrus Wagga Wagga Launch

BACKGROUND: This Cirrus TVC was developed from a contra deal that was set up with a local Wagga Wagga TV company. We got free airtime for giving them free internet boardband services for 12 months. The catch! a very limited budget that needed to stretch to not only producing the TVC, but a radio commercial as well. 

INSIGHT: With either no service available from Telstra/Austar (only competitors) or the high cost of broadband services offered by them, we’d found that by offering a partity product at a lower price customers flocked to the service. With a limited budget ($4000), we needed something simple to build awareness for launch. Production values needed for regional Australia where moderate and more than acceptable by the audience used to very localised TVC’s. 


OUTCOME: The launch was successful, with strong service take up. This lead to additional business and government contract enquiries for dedicated (high revenue generation) services. 


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